Friday, June 25, 2004

USVI: Nutters not quite in the News

Last night I was listening to the Hugh Hewitt show on the net as he was kindly allowing one Peter Beinart of the New Republic to go stark, publicly, raving manic.

What a trip. Gore by proxy.
It sounded like some utopian wet dream had snuck out under the brim of Al's tin-foil hat to possess Peter's head.

Mr. New Republic couldn't - or more likely wouldn't - answer a single question asked of him, whilst he tried to sputter on to the next tired leftist trope over Mr. Hewitt who to his credit spoke calmly, and did his Conservative best to engage in a dialog. He patiently tried to engage with this Peter guy who sounded as if he were channelling every leftist propaganda meme that Michael Moore happened to fart out after a $50.00 Sizzler orgy. Mr. New Republic who all the while tried in vain to disavow that he was even doing so was in true 'digital brownshirt' form.

Pretty rote liberish so far...Stuff that I wish more people had access to hearing. Stuff that tends to never make it through the DNC friendly e-lite media who've become quite adept at their Gaupropagandaleitung craft.

Anyway, among the many things that struck me during this 'dialog' was this apparent editor-moonbat Peter trying to disconnect himself and his 'base' from the fact that there was an impressive list of Democrat players attending the Washington DC opening of Michael Moore's latest feverswamp.

A list which includes such luminaries of the left as:
9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben Veniste
DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe
Senator Tom Daschle
Senator Barbara Boxer
Judy Woodruff -CNN
Paul Begala - CNN

And Madonna Esther who no doubt was punching keys on her pocket Kabbala Calculator.

So whats the point of this rambling post?

We have Al Gore who almost became President in 2000 calling Conservatives "digital brownshirts" whilst half the DNC, along with flip pop culture pimps and CNN's elite, are openly embracing America's premier flop culture enemy within the gate.

Through their now common rhetoric multiplied by many such actions, these modern democratic party elites are making it daily more apparent that they aren't simply the friendly opposition...They have jumped onto the other side...only they don't use AK's or knives and car bombs in their effort to behead America.

Meanwhile whilst all this calculated hippie electioneering invective is embraced wholeheartedly by the democratic leadership and - as we ar told - their vast base, civilization is only half engaged in a raging global war against [nominal] 'people' who routinely behead folk who don't happen to agree that God's name is allah. They bomb and murder even their own in pursuit of our destruction and they are finding ever-escalating means to murder us in ever escalating numbers.

(Before the trolls melt down in their tin foil hats...By 'those people' I'm speaking of terrorists along with the people who cheer and support them in their bloody work.)

Overall the radio exchange illustrated the profoundly dangerous unseriousness of the current would-be leadership-wreck of the left.

Personally I find such clear attempts to Vietnamize the liberation of Iraq to be beyond my contempt, and I pity the fool who continues to allow such misleaders to contaminate their common sense in order to press them to work undermining America's sense of moral clarity. A moral clarity that has several times saved a space in this world for liberty and freedom.

It's pretty evident that this greyscale afterglow of Soviet cold war disinformation tactics still resounds thunderously within the left's professional political, and tenured intellectual classes.

And it is a shame to watch as Soviet ghosts who couldn't defeat us with all their armies and rockets from across the sea should now find much success in rotting the very souls of so many Americans...Social Democrat Moore-locks.

UPDATE: Yeah, what he said...


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