Tuesday, June 29, 2004

US: credit where Credit is due

My favorite incendiary blogger - Molotov of Booker Rising - posted an interesting link to a commentary piece by one Jerry Brooks of the Conservative Western Alliance which goes some way towards debunking the common leftist plantation meme wherein Ronald Reagan is charactarized as a some "stupid white man" who stood in opposition to African-American civil rights goals.

I wholeheartedly agree with Molotov's sentiment and his choice of money quote from the author who states that although he wasn't fond of Reagan during his presidency, Reagan's accomplishments helped "turn me around and realize who had my best interests at heart rather than a vote that was simply taken for granted."

MLK's vision of a colorblind society was advanced and is still championed by conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush - who hires on merit, not some condescendingly racist quota which weakens the recipient and undermines achievement to make some cuba-libre sipping limosine liberal feel better for having done nothing productive...at arm's length.

I suspect that MLK would roll over in his grave to see the degeneration of the mainstream liberal civil rights movement into a self-limiting fiefdom of the DNC, where the balkanization of race is encouraged and whole voting blocs of color are taken for granted based on the libelous premise that any person of color who doesn't tow the party line - Too 'tink he white...A movement which cheerfully excoriates two of the most respected and powerfully effective people on the planet as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Tom "house slaves".

This from...Belefonte who tiefed his fame from the Caribbean and apparently wants to keep us all on his political banana boat, singing to nanny government for our soup.


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