Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Vzla: Denying its way to communism

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) President Hugo Chavez denied Monday that he was trying to impose communism in Venezuela, insisting he would not try to hide any such plans.

"If there was a communist project here, I would be the first to say it. I would have no qualms about it. But that's not the plan," Chavez said.

Chavez opponents accuse the former army paratrooper of amassing power and steering Venezuela toward Cuba-style dictatorship, criticizing his tight friendship with Cuban President Fidel Castro.
Chavez has not nationalized any private companies or seized private property but has threatened to do so. Critics say his "revolutionary" rhetoric keeps investors on edge and fuels class strife.

Supporters insist Chavez has done more than any previous president to bring social justice to Venezuela's poor majority, including initiatives to bring Cuban doctors and teachers to work for the disenfranchised.

Critics have accused the Cuban doctors and teachers of trying to indoctrinate the poor with communist ideology. But some opposition leaders have backed the allegations as recent polls show a majority of Venezuelans support the programs.
Is that what they are doing throughout the Caribbean, also?


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