Wednesday, June 30, 2004

USVI: Cracking the Taino-Arawak-Carib code

Here's a snip from an interesting (if short) news item about a new theory being developed regarding our regional and blog namesake inhabitants.

Oh!..and those other tribes.
When many people think of the early inhabitants of the Caribbean, they think of the Arawak Indians. But the "Arawak" label more correctly refers to a language group, Wild says, like saying the "Southwest Indians," which would cover a variety of tribes.

Wild's beliefs put the Virgin Islands on the edge of the Taino civilization, an edge that was about to run into the expansion of the Carib Indians from the south. Wild says there is a recorded case of Caribs kidnapping Tainos at the time of Columbus.
For a deeper read into current info on the real native Caribbean inhabitants, you could do worse than to check this link page - should any of you be so interested.


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