Friday, June 18, 2004

Vzla: When you speak, say only good things

VENPRES and AFP report: Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel called Human Rights Watch (HRW) representative Jose Miguel Vivancos “a permanent provocateur” and a “mercenary” after Vivancos released an HRW report criticizing the Venezuelan government and calling for the application of the Organization of American States (OAS) Democratic Charter against Venezuela.

The Vice President offered his statements at a Comando Maisanta campaign workshop in La Rinconada (Caracas). Rangel declared that “for the national government, Jose Miguel Vivancos’ statements have no validity whatsoever, and we reject them absolutely. We interpret them once more as a (US) preoccupation with the government of the President of the Republic, Hugo Chavez Frias.” Vivancos “is a completely unqualified person, and he acts that way because they pay him.”

Rangel questioned Vivanco’s statement, “which was a direct attack against President Hugo Chavez’s democratic government. Now he comes on the eve of the August 15 (presidential recall referendum) with the same song and dance and the same orders to attack the president’s democratic government, putting himself at the service of the opposition and George Bush’s regional policies.”


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