Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ja: How about crossing the knees and keeping the zipper up?

BANGKOK, (AFP) - The crisis over funding the global fight against AIDS emerged as a key issue at the world AIDS forum yesterday, as activists demanded billions more dollars for prevention and treatment and held wealthy nations accountable for the pandemic.
Wealthy nations are to be held accountable for the AIDS pandemic? How about some personal responsibility? How about people not indulging in homosexual acts, in heterosexual promiscuity, and drug abuse? Curbing any and all of these would vastly impact the global AIDS crisis. The problem is that people wish to indulge in reckless behaviors while others pay the cost. The same people who are blaming the "wealthy nations" (code for the U.S.) for AIDS are the people who are also demonizing the U.S. for just about anything under the sun. Meantime, these reckless hedonists want to dip their hands into the pockets of the American taxpayer.

Word to AIDS activists: be responsible for your personal behavior; follow the Uganda ABC model; and, stop demanding that other people pay for the consequences of your action. Instead of demanding that nations give, a humble request would be nice.


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