Wednesday, July 14, 2004

TT: Petro-Canada wants piece of us

Petro-Canada, one of Canada’s largest integrated oil and gas company, is looking to T&T to achieve its global strategies because of its hydrocarbon potential.

Petro-Canada official Thomas Gebken, told members of the South Chamber yesterday that the company wants to use this country as a hub for expanding activities in the region.

“We think that this country has a significant hydrocarbon potential and great parts of the islands and its continental shelves are still under-explored.

Speaking at the Chamber’s Energy Luncheon at Cara Suites, Claxton Bay, Gebken noted “business in TT can be conducted under a stable, economic and political climate within the competitive financial regime.”

The Canadian said as part of its strategy for TT, they want to identify and secure the strong reserves base for supplies to future LNG trains and to local markets.


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