Wednesday, July 14, 2004

U.S.: Operation Give squeezed by Atlanta company

Chief Wiggles has been the author of the toy and other drives which benefit Iraqi children. He has done a powerful lot to show American soft power in that country, and, in so doing, has made life a whole lot better for many Iraqis.

Now, the Atlanta shipper his holding on to $30,000 much needed by Operation Give. Here's the story.

We need your help!!!!

Folks, we need your help! It's as simple as that.

We are having a problem with the first shipping company that we used. The problem comes in the form of deposits that we were required to put down on the 3 containers that we shipped. For each container, we placed a $10,000 deposit to guarantee its return. This deposit was placed with the shipping company in the US, Atlas Line.

This is where the problem comes in. The containers arrived and the shipping company in Kuwait responsible for the containers safety never received their deposits. We were still able to ship the contents of the first container on to Baghdad, but the 2nd and 3rd have been held in Kuwait because of this. We have tried working with the shipping company in the US but to no avail. They are currently holding $30,000 of Operation Give's money and we need resolution. We have bank records showing our deposits and their acceptance and cashing of the checks. We have also contacted Bank of America, the bank we use, and they have traced the checks and confirm that they were deposited by the US shipping company, Atlas Line.

We are asking for anyone who can help us, especially anyone in the Atlanta area where the company's US office is based. Following is the contact information:

Atlas Line
President: Alicia Ludwig

Atlas Line (USA), Inc.
650 Atlanta South Parkway, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30349

Phone: 404-766-4676
Fax: 404-209-8493
Pass the story on.

H'tip to Jane.


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