Sunday, July 25, 2004

TT: What is the imam smoking?

In the midst of prayers for the safe return of Vijay and for compassion to be “instilled in the hearts of the kidnappers,” Muslim cleric Shaheed Solomon said Islamic justice should be dispensed to these kidnappers who, “know nothing about God.” In an impassioned cry for justice, Solomon asked, “Which nation do we want God to bless?” He said these persons (kidnappers) had “gone astray” from any knowledge of God. “You want to kidnap, let them kidnap. But when we catch you, we will take off your head, your whole head and you will never kidnap again,” an emotional Solomon said. Eight ministers of religion offered prayers for Vijay’s safe return including Seventh Day Adventist pastor Clive Dottin, Moruga Roman Catholic deacon David Khan, and St Andrews Presbyterian Church elder Dennis Williams.
This guy is watching Al-Jazeera a little bit too much.

He's got a point though. The death penalty is a deterrent. No man who's on the receiving end of it is able to commit another crime.


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