Thursday, July 01, 2004

U.S.: Who made the U.S. the champion of freedom for the abused, tortured, and oppressed?

Common decency.

H'tip to Sam at Hammorabi.

BTW, where is Caricom on Darfur? Who else, besides the U.S., is standing in the gap on Darfur? Where are Chirac, Schroeder, Putin, and the Arab 'leaders'? Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Kerry? GWB might be sending troops to Sudan soon. What will Caribbean editorialists say? Where are the communist throngs who march through cities shouting 'Bush lied and people died"? Where are the angry leftists denouncing American imperialism. Where is the Bushitler crowd? Where are the anti-American and anti-Bush stories you tell yourself and your friend to make yourself feel superior to those ugly Americans and their gun-slinging cowboy of a president? Where are you?

Meantime, more from Sam.

Devon Dick, pastor of Boulevard Baptist Church, Jamaica, and true representative of his name
The invasion and occupation of Iraq was a colossal mistake that could have been prevented.

Jamaica and a coalition of the wise must state categorically that the wrong road was taken and US, UK and the Coalition of the willing must admit their errors and pledge never to err in this way again.
The "coalition of the wise." The fool is wise in his own eyes, indeed. Where is the Church council that shouted war in Iraq was wrong? Was it better for Saddam to continue torturing, raping, maiming, brutalizing, feeding people to dogs, murdering? In the light of these pictures, how could the church leaders cited by Devon Dick, of worthy name, take a stance against the invasion of Iraq, especially in light of U.N. disasters around the world?

Look at the pictures and see the errors that the U.S., U.K., and the Coalition of the Willing prevented from occurring. This is the act of prevention that they must promise never to make; they must never stand Avenger of the Bones of those slain by the world's thugs such as Saddam, Castro, Mugabe,... The bones in the world's mass graves must never salute them.

Look at the pictures and see what the churches Dick referenced consented to. Whatever happened to tell them, whether they hear or forbear? Whatever happened to standing for that which is right?

Look at what the Caribbean, Europe, the Arab world, Asia, Russia, and all but 44 countries of the world wished on the people of Iraq.


Go here to see the victims of Saddam's regime. These are the people for whose bones the U.S. and the Coalition stood avengers. These are the people for whose lives Saddam and his thugs are being called to account. They were human, and their lives had value to no one but their fellow Iraqis, and GWB and the Coalition. Their lives had no value to the Saddam, the communists protesting against GWB, the Bushitler crowd, to the world.

Go ahead. Say it's all about oil. Look past the pictures and lie to yourself. Hate the U.S., and hate George Walker Bush.

In the end, after you twist and turn, realize that the one you hate is yourself. While all of this was happening, even after it was reported, you didn't do or say anything. If you're a journalist, you kept silent because America led by a Republican president wasn't the culprit. If you're at the U.N., you were complicit in Saddam's atrocities because he gave you oil contracts for ignoring his genocide and murders and invited you to look the other way. The bones in the mass graves meant nothing to you, and you hustled past them, whistling, your head bent, and your ears blocked so you would not hear the blood of your neighbor calling to you from the ground. But blood will out.

Look in the mirror and see a hypocrite. Every time you whisper or shout "it's all about oil," squirm deep down inside because you know you're a lying hypocrite. It's about a president doing what needed to be done to bring a measure of peace to a suffering people and to the world, and to bring security and peace to his own nation. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Look across to Sudan, see genocide happening in that country, stay silent, and let your angry self-hating beast rouse only when GWB acts and forces the impotent castrati at the U.N. to look at the rape and genocide of a people. If you're in China, look away because you've done worse to your people, and, besides, all that matters is that you get enough oil so that your country doesn't self-destruct. Then, join the communist throngs shouting, "Bush lied, and people died." Where are all the angry blacks who wear kente and talk about being black and proud? Why the silence on Arab genocide by rape?

Meantime, GWB and the U.S., the avenger of the bones, soldier on.


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