Wednesday, July 14, 2004

U.S.: Man, is WaPo's Givhan seriously anti-Bush, or what?!

Talk about a grumpy article! Robin Givhan bitches about everything concerning Jenna and Barbara Bush. Geesh!

Check Givhan's bit of frustrated bile.

Profile Shows Pretty Smiles, Not Personalities, of the President's Daughters

By Robin Givhan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Did she write a piece like this on Chelsea Clinton? I don't think so.

Read these two kiss arse pieces that Givhan wrote on the Clintons, and Chelsea, in particular.

The implication of Givhan's bitchy piece about the Bush twins is that they're dumb like daddy with good looks but no personality. That message comes out loud and clear.

What's the magic word from the press on Bush's daughters? Dog them however you can.

As for the Clinton piece ... look, read the thing for yourself.


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