Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ja: The killing fields

Monday night's killing spree in the inner-city areas of Norwood and Glendevon, St James, has left four people dead and pushed the parish's murder tally to 80, twice the number of people killed up to this time last year.

The bloodshed, which took place over a 20-minute period, has obviously rattled Member of Parliament for North West St James Dr Horace Chang, who has political responsibility for many of the violence-prone sections of the tourist resort city.

"It looks like we are just ignoring the inner-city communities, they are becoming like killing fields, (and the attitude from the civic leaders and government agencies is) 'let them stay there'," Chang argued. "We literally have a killing field surrounding Montego Bay. but we cannot continue to live like that. We have to find a way to police the community and bring back security in the area."


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