Monday, July 19, 2004

U.S.: Scandinavians making progress in the WoT

According to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet, central figures in Kristiansand Progress party (Frp) wants to ban Islam in Norway.

"We are not the only ones demanding this ban," said Halvor Hulaas, chairperson in Krstiansand Frp to the paper. "This is an opinion that is well established in Scandinavian countries. We are now importing people with a religion that is practiced in the same way it was practiced when it was established in year 600. The freedom we have in Norway may be taken away from us if we do not start to have some demands to these immigrants."

Karina Udnaes, deputy leader of the Progress party's city council group in Kristiansand is pushing it even further.

"It is about high time Norway and Europe make the ideology Islam and the practice of this, illegal and punishable in the same way as Nazism," Udnaes said. "The prophet Muhammad urged them to kill everyone infidel."

"Udnaes' comparison of Nazism and Islam is supported by many in Frp," Hulaas said. "The religion as it is practiced is a threat against our social system and way of life."

He said that Kristiansand now lives under the threat of getting a large mosque in town.

"f course, we are aware of what these mosques are used for," Hulaas said.
I would contend, and have done so, that Islam is worse than Nazism. The two have in common that they are both political ideologies that are animated by paganism, heresy, and rejection of Judaeo-Christianity; both were/are convinced of their own superiority; both have murder as critical to their ideology; both have global domination as their goal. The key differences between the two are their conception of the duration of the reign of each; the Nazi apparent disregard for an afterlife which is in contrast to Islam's humanistic and hedonistic afterlife, in which everything is for men only; and the technological proficiency of the Nazis.

On Nazism, see this, this, this, this, this, and this this. H'tip to Charles at LGF.


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