Wednesday, July 28, 2004

U.S.: Oh, jeezan!!

Lying is a talent.

Madeleine Albright is talking to Greta van Susteren and blaming GWB's administration for North Korea's development of nukes. She's saying that the best thing to do is have bilateral talks with the NKos.

Where in hell was this woman when the Clinton administration had bilateral talks like the NKos demanded and GAVE them a light water nuclear reactor, GAVE them food, GAVE them a whole bunch of stuff in exchange for promises. Then, when the NKos had everything they wanted, they turned their backs and farted in Clinton's face and said, dude, to hell with you; we've never stopped building nukes?

Where was she? Madeleine Albright was the Secretary of State under Clinton; she was the one who, along with that sanctimonious old crock, Jimmy Carter, who never met a despot he didn't like, brokered this ridiculous deal that resulted in the NKos having nuclear arms. Now, she has the nerve to blame the Bush administration for Slick Willie's foreign policy failures?

The Bush adminstration is the one that has refused to hold bilateral lying talks with the NKos and have instead insisted that since this is an Asia problem, NKo's neighbors (China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan) must be at the table so that little lying sot Kim Jong Very Ill can pull his nutty little stunts on them, not the U.S.

Maybe the lying goes with the political party cuz if she were a Republican, the media would ream her over it. Since she's a Dem, she can bend the truth with impunity.


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