Thursday, July 29, 2004

U.S.: Democrat Con

Kerry can't even call God 'God.' He calls Him a 'higher being.' Who is that higher being?

Did Bob Dole and GWHBush use their military service in such a self-serving fashion? This intro film on his life glosses over much and is a slick, glossy lie. Where's the mat to wipe the stuff off my shoe?

He cried like a baby when his daughters were born. To whom? The dude never mentions his first wife. Never mentions how he dumped her, like so much garbage, and got an annulment, which effectively made both his daughters illegitimate. Instead, the slick glossy film moves on to Teresa.

His run for president was born out of frustration and a desire to make the country safer. Was this desire born after 1993, when Al Qaeda hit the WTC the first time? Or was this a desire he had when he went into Vietnam with a camera to take home movies of him, a Naval officer, striding through the jungle like an infantry man?

Pah. Mara Eliasson thinks the film is touching. Would that my brain would stop working long enough to be touched.

Update: Jim Rassman says he volunteered to speak up for Kerry. Why so defensive. To make the comment is to call his presence into question. Did he contact Kerry, or did Kerry contact him? Where was he when Kerry was running for other offices? Somehow, it doesn't sit right.

Update 2: Max Cleland who got his legs blown up going for beer, or coming from beer, is spoken of in terms that imply a negative contrast with the incumbent president. Hey, Cleland served his country honorably, as did Kerry, and Bush. However, the man who is not shot at serves as much as the man who is.

Update 3: Cleland is depicting Kerry's volunteering as though it were intentional from the outset rather than a consequence of realizing that being drafted was imminent. The difference between picking one's assignment and being assigned, I guess.

Update 4: Max Cleland sounds like he's reciting lines. The 'enthusiasm' of the crowd sounds forced. It could be my tv. Okay, so Cleland tells us that America will be a socialist paradise if Kerry becomes president.

Update 5: Kerry introduces himself and says he's reporting for duty. What a part that you wipe!

Update 6: Kerry is offering politics as theology and a life shaped by government as heaven. He is reiterating the lie that 'Bush lied.'

Update 7: He's lying like a rug about his efforts in relation to Vietnam. He's busy banging Bush. No wonder he didn't want the others to do the bashing. He wanted to offer the crowd red meat himself.

So far. What has Kerry to offer? I don't hear it. He's offering the politics of despair. We're in a depression folks.

Update 8: Slogans instead of a plan. He says Democrats are the optimists. Democrats as savior of America. The crowd is going wild.

Here's the rub in what he's saying -- it's September 10th all over again. A time out from history.

Update 9: Look, I've no problem with Democrats talking domestic policy. All well and good. However, their instincts and policies are socialist veering on communist. All that aside, we are at war. If we can't defend ourselves, then we will not need a domestic agenda. That's the bottom line.

Is Kerry and Theresa headed for divorce? What's this line about what the future holds?

Update 10: Now he's talking defense and saying nothing much. Just a bunch of assertions without a road map.

Well, he blew it. Kerry had his chance, and he blew it. GWB will wipe the floor with him next month.

Update 11: Kerry has blown it by ignoring everything that has been discovered about so-called allies unwillingness to help. He has ignored what the soldiers in the field are saying about the plan under which they operated and its success.

Worse yet, Kerry has had the sheer folly to say that America will wait to be attacked rather than respond aggressively to threats. The crowd has grown cold as he continues talking about defense, they cheer his lie about stop-loss; he calls it a "back door draft."

Kerry has blown it.

Update 12: Post 9/11, we cannot afford to wait to be attacked, especially when terrorists talk about nuclear and biochemical weapons. In a nutshell, Kerry is willing to put up with mass American casualties before he mounts a defense.

He's recycled all the old lines that kept him equal with GWB in the polls. This election will be a blowout. Kerry will be lucky if he wins Massachusetts.

Update 13: Here's the question for Kerry -- what is the role of the federal government? Should the feds intrude on states and city rights? That's what the issue of fire-houses is about. Defense is a federal issue; fire protection is a city issue.

Update 14: Here's what sinks Kerry, apart from defense. He cannot resist making a speech like a macomere man. He cannot resist making class warfare.

He's talking about Enron; what about Global Crossing and Terry McAuliffe who made $18M, just like that?

Right now, he's doing the usual Democrat BS. Frighten the elderly. Stress out the moms. Set people against each other. Class warfare. Rank. Stink. Partisan. Say whatever it takes.

Update 15: Not a new idea in the bunch. He's using Cheney's promise to the military as a device in his class warfare strategy.

Not good enough.

Defense is secondary. Reference to the military is in a social services context.

Update 16: Economic plan. Vague Bill Clinton retreads. He ought to tell Teresa about that outsourcing and taxing of companies thing.

Just remember, that the Bahamas is shuddering at the thought of a Kerry presidency.

The problem with American jobs is a lousy education system, unions, and a set of OSHA and medical policies that increase the cost of work horrendously.

Update 17: Oh man, no more jails!

Update 18: Name of this speech "promise 'em anything."

Question: buying American drugs from Canada, what will that do to the American drug industry? How many jobs will be lost in the pharmaceutical industry? How will that affect the stock market? How many ancillary jobs will be lost in other industries, as in factories that make containers, labels, produce plastic, etc.

He's pulled the Michael Moore thread now, and the crowd is loving it. Bush KNEW! Bush was in cahoots! That's not said, but that's the intent.

The hypocrisy of this liberal SOB, to talk about not being dependent on foreign oil when Democrats have stymied every effort at energy independence.

After he's trashed and bashed Bush, he's trying to cover his arse by asking Bush to make nice.

The disrespect for the Office of the President that has come from this candidate makes him unfit for office.

Update 19: After engaging in the worst, shabbiest, and most divisive politics of class warfare, this &$%# has the nerve to call for an end to it.

Update 20: Kerry wants us to believe that he's offering optimism by preaching pessimism.

Update 21: Now he's playing the stem cell research card and impugning GWB's religious belief. Kerry's point is that because Bush's respect for life inhibits the use of embryonic stem cells, he's a backward retard from the Dark Ages. The message is that with Kerry, nothing is off limits. Slippery slope? What slippery slope. It's cure at any costs. Hitler's Mengele will be our surgeon general and head of NIS.


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