Thursday, July 29, 2004

U.S.: Three dollar bill!

John Kerry's family dumped millions of dollars of foreign holdings as he launched his White House bid, gobbling up Made in the USA stocks in a huge politically savvy international-to-domestic shift.

The investments, mostly in the name of Kerry's multimillionaire wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, sold stock in massive overseas players like Heineken, Sony, British Petroleum and Italian Telecom for red, white and blue companies like McDonald's, Dell and Kohls.

In all, the Kerrys dumped as much as $16 million worth of international stock and bought between $18 million and $32 million in domestic holdings between 2002 and 2003, records show.

The swaps, detailed in Kerry's financial disclosures for the presidential race, come to light as the Bay State senator tonight wraps himself in Americana to accept the Democratic Party nomination.

The senator's campaign said the investments are managed not by the Kerrys but by professional investment managers for the family trustees - of which Heinz Kerry is only one.

Marla Romash, a senior adviser to Kerry, said the financial decisions aren't political.
Is this another Kerry SUV story? When questioned, will he say, "I don't own the stocks, my family does"?

Dare he say that, especially after Teresa's self-centered performance two nights ago? Frankly, she made the dude look bought and paid for ... I won't use the 'g' word.


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