Monday, July 26, 2004

U.S.: The Nobel Prize Committee will never give GWB an award

but he deserves it like no one else has in a long time. Here's a taste of what GWB and his administration has wrought in Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees continue to vote with their feet: "The pace of return to Afghanistan remains strong, with thousands of refugees going back daily. So far this year, we've seen some 450,000 refugees repatriate." Of those, more than 242,000 came from Iran, surpassing the previous source of returning refugees, Pakistan, with some 210,000 Afghans coming back from there since January. "In all, some 3.5 million Afghans have gone home since the UNHCR-organized return movements started in 2002, including more than two million from Pakistan, 900,000 from Iran and more than 440,000 displaced persons, while tens of thousands of other exiles have gone back on their own." This is surely the greatest humanitarian good-news story of the last few decades.
Read Arthur Chrenkoff's entire column; it's wonderful news that you don't hear in the big media which are too busy playing Chicken-Licken.


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