Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gya: The government is to blame

So says George Bacchus's sister.

George Bacchus's family still blames the government for his death, which they think was orchestrated to stop an investigation of his claims of the existence of a death squad formed to kill fugitives.

Now, as an official investigation into alleged links between a government official and a death squad is set to begin, a relative has spoken out about the self-confessed informant, whose death she says was avoidable. Bacchus had credited the death squad with close to 40 murders over the last two years many of them well planned and still unsolved.

He also implicated Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj claiming that the official sanctioned a number of killings carried out by the group. The minister has maintained his innocence and has proceeded on leave to facilitate the investigation by a Presidential Commission of Inquiry.


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