Tuesday, August 03, 2004

St. Lca: Call it conchs and make conchs roti

Residents of Trouya and Bois Orange have joined forces with the Ministry of Agriculture to address the issue of the growing population of Giant African Snails in the community.

According to scientists the Giant African Snail is one of the most damaging land snails in the world. It is known to eat at least 500 different types of plants and each snail contains both female and male reproductive organs.

After a single mating session, each snail can produce 100 to 400 eggs. According to Emma Hippolyte a resident of Trouya the community will come together to design a plan of action against the snails.

The Ministry of Agriculture according to Hippolyte has provided hand outs and other material which will be used to educate residents on the effects the snail can have on the community. According to the Hippolyte residents will devise a way of collecting and disposing of the snails

Giant African Snails are also known to carry organisms, which can cause serious diseases in humans. These organisms can be transferred by ingesting improperly cooked snail meat or by handling live snails and allowing their mucous to contact human mucous membranes such a those in the eyes, nose and mouth.
It's got both female and male reproductive organs? Can somebody repeat Cheney's commet to Leahy?

Okay, so you need a hooked stick and a pot of boiling water nearby to dump the snail into it. I mean, it's food on the slow glide. If sushi can be a big deal thought it can be potentially deadly, so can a meal of this GAS.


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