Tuesday, August 03, 2004

TT: Fish in a bowl

[Victor] Alexander, of La Lune Village, Moruga, was 56 years old and the father of seven. He was the second fisherman to be killed by pirates this year in the sea off Venezuela's Orinoco Delta region.

In March, Cedros fisherman Rupert Bissoon, 55, drowned after pirates ordered him to jump off his boat.

President of the La Ruffin/Moruga Fishing Cooperative, Peter Glodan, wants fishermen to arm themselves in the absence of protection by "non existent" Coast Guard patrols.

"Bandits know Trinidad fishermen are like sitting ducks without a good piece of stick to defend themselves," said Glodan.
One of the things fisherfolk in TT can do is learn to swim. It's amazing how many of them can't. The next time a pirate orders a fisherman to walk the plank (which Alexander resisted doing because he couldn't swim), at least he might have a chance of surviving if he can swim or has a life-vest.


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