Monday, August 02, 2004

U.S.: Fed Ex must hire lackwits

I swear!

I've been waiting patiently for my airline ticket to arrive, and it should have since last Friday. The day came and went, no ticket. Nothing on the weekend either. No attempted delivery notice, zippo, zilch, nada. Nothing yesterday either.

So, I get online today and write Orbitz. What's the deal? Where's the ticket? According to the retards at Fed Ex, somebody requested a future delivery. Somebody tried to deliver Friday at 2:30 and today before 4:30.

I live in a private house which contains four apartments. The entire ground floor is taken up by a magazine that regularly uses Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and all that. Yet, the lackwit Fed Exer didn't deliver the ticket there. If he had, my name is well known to them cuz I do some editing for them.

So, either the Fed Exer lied like a rug when he said he made two delivery attempts -- I mean, I'm always home. It's not as if I'm employed some place -- or he is plain and simply lack-witted and incapable of doing the most basic aspect of his job ... deliver a package or leave a notice for the client.

Nope, I'm not mad. Ignore the steam coming out of my ears.


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