Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bhms: Hear them roar

As female police officers make plans to celebrate a milestone in the organisation a 38-year veteran envisions a limitless future for women.

"There is no stopping us now because if I am at this rank we can go to even Commissioner of Police," said Chief Superintendent Juanita Colebrooke in an interview on Friday.

She said the 40th anniversary of female officers on Nov. 23 will be marked with preceding events such as a church service, exhibition and a one day seminar to name a few of the events.

Chief Supt Colebrooke who is presently the highest-ranking female on the Royal Bahamas Police Force said the main problem faced in the early years was the lack of respect given to women police.

She said, as the organisation is male dominated, male counterparts as well as members of the public did not readily receive female officers in the early years.

"The difficulties were that female officers had to go on the street and never received respect," she said, "but we have grown in leaps and bounds."

However, she said many positive changes occurred in the organisation to engender a favourable atmosphere for women.


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