Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tropical Storm Jeanne: St. Croix US Virgin Islands update

The wind has really started picking up in the last half hour with a top recorded gust of 67.2 mph at 11:25 pm local time (GMT -4). There is sporadic lightning but little rain as of the time of this post. Here on out the conditions will deteriorate until TS Jeanne reaches its Point of closest approach which apparently is forecast to be around 3:00 AM in the morning.

The webcam on the Boardwalk in Christiansted is starting to show the effects.

Following are results based on Storm Carib's How Close Can It Get? tool and forecast track data from the 11:00 pm AST Forecast Advisory (#6):

Results for St.Croix (17.7N, 64.8W):
The approximate Closest Point of Approach (CPA) is located near 17.4N, 64.9W or about 21.3 miles (34.4 km) from your location. The estimated time of when the eye will be at that location is in about 5.4 hours.

Currently, you can really see the circulation on the San Juan Doppler radar loop as Tropical Storm Jeanne spins just to our (St. Croix) south..

I wouldn't be half surprised if Jeanne is upgraded to a category one Hurricane as it passes us.

Check out Storm Carib's St. Croix and St. Thomas threads for more local reports.

Be sure to check out http://hurricane-ivan.blogspot.com/ for a consolidation of news and useful information on Hurricane Ivan the Terrible. It looks as if they've been covering the storm since shortly after Jamaica was mashed.

It's not looking good for New Orleans.

Let us not forget Grenada and the rest of the Caribben Region. A good place to check up on the aftermath and relief efforts within the Caribben region would do well to check out Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) homepage.

Storm Carib also has a great page with information on how we can contribute toward helping people suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.


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