Saturday, February 28, 2004

Hti: Norwegians postpone Haiti peace efforts

Norwegian officials have postponed talks aimed at bringing together representatives for both the government and the opposition in Haiti. The past week's violence in Haiti makes the talks too difficult to conduct.

"Now the level of conflict is so high that both sides should concentrate on handling the difficult situation there now," said Vidar Helgesen of the Foreign Ministry.

Norwegian diplomats have spent four years trying to help international efforts at promoting talks between the opposition and the government in Haiti.

Around 17 people from Haiti along with several international diplomats were supposed to arrive in Norway in early March for talks aboard one of the Coastal Voyage vessels.

That won't happen now, reports Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). Helgesen noted that Norway isn't playing an official peace broker role in Haiti, but has tried to promote a reconciliation process.


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