Wednesday, March 31, 2004

U.S.: No good deed goes unpunished

Canada may wind up getting what she's been asking for.

A new al-Qaeda manual posted on the Internet is calling for terrorist attacks against Canadians, and specifies that businessmen, politicians, scientists, soldiers and tourists should be targeted, according to U.S. researchers.

Canada is one of six nations whose citizens are identified as "human targets" in the Arabic-language publication, which is reported to be the work of senior Egyptian al-Qaeda figure Saif al-Adel.
Read the rest. Canada has been doing a Spain, appeasing the Islamists to the extent of the introduction of Shari'ah law. If the Islamist nuts want to be oppressed, let them return to their home countries, I say. Well, apparently, introducing Shari'ah has only whetted the insatiable appetite of the Islamists, and, like Oliver Twist, they now want more. Unfortunately for Canada, that "more" is all of Canada itself; for, their intent is to establish a Kilafah -- Caliphate -- on the border of the U.S.

Since 9/11, U.S. pleas to the leftists in the Canadian government have fallen on deaf ears. For, Canada has refused to limit the immigration of and granting of asylum to Islamist nuts. Instead, Canada has acted without regard for its own security and the security concerns of its neighbor to the south.

While I pray that Canada does not experience what the U.S. did on 9/11, perhaps Canadians will be roused out of their socialist slumber, get off their fat backsides, and do something for their country, like defend it.


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