Monday, March 29, 2004

U.S.: Bin Laden and Zawahiri singing like canaries?

Praise and thanks to Allah for this link to the Northeast Intelligence Network.

A HVT (High Value Target) of al Qaeda was scooped by special forces and removed from Iran. The sources would not identify the "target," but refused to deny that it was bin Laden. We were advised that other al Qaeda captures have been and would continue to take place, many from new information obtained from recently captured al Qaeda sources. Subsequently, a total of 5 independent sources were acquired who corroborated the information that Osama bin Laden was captured by US SOF on or about 20 January 2004 inside of the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The US SOF forces operating in that Aera of Operations (AO) is known as Task Force 121, or TF-121.  On December 13, 2003 this same US Special Operations Forces unit captured Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
What many people have missed in all this is why that specific region became central in the hunt for Qaeda-al-Jihad's No.2. The reason is simple. 

It is because our side captured his son, Khalid al-Zawahiri, in the same area of South Waziristan on the 26th of February, 2004.
Information gleaned from him by interrogators has helped direct Pakistani and American forces in their drive to capture bin Laden and other senior al-Qa'eda figures, being conducted in the mountainous areas on both sides of the border. 
We knew Ayman al-Zawahiri was in South Waziristan because his boy told us so and within 8 days we had "bagged and tagged" Qaeda-al-Jihad's No. 2.

Yes. we believe that the same Task Force 121 which captured Saddam Hussein in Iraq in December, and Osama bin Laden in the Islamic Republic of Iran in January 2004 has now also killed Ayman al-Zawahiri on or about 16/17 March 2004.  This is based upon a few independent media reports. One of them is the comment repeatedly made by Colonel David Hunt on FoxNews that TF-121 had killed al-Zawahiri in Pakistan.  Another is our own source said the hit on al-Zawahiri had been seen by US intelligence as if it were being seen "live on Pay Per View". This corroborates Col. Hunt's comments on 19 March about the Global Hawk orbiting at 40,000 feet and Predator pilotless drones being overhead at 20,000 feet at the time in support of TF-121's mission to bag al-Zawahiri. Then there was report seen in the New York Times which stated: "senior American military officials said small numbers of commandos attached to Joint Task Force 121, a secret unit made up of military Special Operations forces and Central Intelligence officers, have conducted cross-border operations."
Do NOT tread on us!

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