Wednesday, April 28, 2004

St. Maart: Bow Wow barks, girls faint

PHILIPSBURG-His mother watched at the side of the stage as Bow Wow rocked the crowd at Carnival Village for the Youth Extravaganza. Girls fainted, male and female fans rushed to get near the international music and movie superstar, here from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States for the 35th annual Carnival celebration.
Wearing a number three jersey from Memphis, Bow Wow performed for about one hour total, singing some of the hits that bought him his popularity.
One girl who won a dance competition during intermission had the surprise of her life when she was placed at centre stage while Bow Wow returned for the second half of his show, which got underway around 11:40pm.

The crowd chanted to every one of his songs and it was evident that they had come prepared, knowing the even lyrics to the songs on his latest release "Unleashed."


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