Saturday, April 10, 2004

St. Kts: No to vote early and vote often

When you say NO or WAIT for Voter ID, you are saying YES to MULTIPLE VOTING.

It remains mind-boggling to hear some well placed persons say, “We are for Voter ID ..BUT…. BUT WHAT?  BUT we won’t win if we can’t have people voting several times? We would like just one more chance to tilt the system in our favour? …BUT  we don’t have time to bribe all those people we hear have turned from us?  BUT PAM didn’t change it, so why should we? BUT it is too late now to change things!

What is the point  of voting in a referendum, for constitutional reform or even for a third party?  Why go through the motions if we do not have checks and balances to ensure that we have “one man, one vote”?  It makes the entire process an utter waste of time.


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