Wednesday, April 28, 2004

U.S.: To the glorious mujihadeen ... maweth!

The valorous tales of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, of Ivanhoe, of Boewulf, of Achilleus, of Odysseus, of Sundiata, and of Shaka are as nothing, nothing! compared to the wondrous and glorious deeds of the mujihadeen. May Allah grant them 72 raisins each.

27 April 2004 - Do the militants in Fallujah plan to use chemical weapons on themselves and blame the US?
by Laura Mansfield, Senior Analyst

In a nutshell, that appears to be what is being planned by the militants currently under seige in Fallujah.

In recent months, we have seen a number of postings that indicate that the militants have been considering perpetrating some sort of mass casualty event and blaming it on the United States in an attempt to catalyze a large scale reaction against the United States and its coalition partners. (We have reported this on the NEIN website, most recently over the Ashura holiday.)

This morning a posting was made on one of the jihadi boards that NEIN analysts follow closely. It quotes a report by the Islamic Thinker Website indicating that the militants in Al Fallujah are bracing for a chemical weapons attack by the United States.

The source is credible (as jihadi sources go). The posting is made by Mirage, who has posted 1255 times on this specific message board. This particular posting was made around 5 AM ET this morning.

In light of the posting monitored yesterday regarding the Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook (see next article) we have serious concerns regarding this matter. The posting and our concerns have been sent to the appropriate law enforcement and military officials, as is the policy of the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Translation of Arabic posting:

Al-Fallujah gets ready for an attack by America with toxic gases.

The Islam Thinker report quotes sources in Al Fallujah that Iraqi translators close to the occupation forces state that the Marines are supplied with fatal and poisonous gas bombs, and have been granted authorization to use them in Al Fallujah as part of their blockade against the Iraqi resistance fighters.

The sources credited a newspaper, The Gulf News, that these bombs kill all living organisms in the region that they fall in, for a diameter of 500 meters from the point of detonation, in a circle pattern, and no creature is immune from its effects.

The sources stated that the resistance men have prepared big numbers of muzzles opposite to the gasses (antidotes), It is the advice of some of the specialists that the chemical items can be countered with the use of a wet veil (fine mist?) for items such as mustard gas, if the gas is not too abundant (concentrated) because these items ease the suffocation, but they do not prevent the influence of the gas if the fighter was within the circle affected by the explosion.

The resistance fighters have stopped gathering in close places, and are spread out so as to be ready for the worst case scenario.
Such valorous acts of bravery the world has never seen. Would that all the brave and strong mujihadeen, everywhere, would follow the lead of those in Fallujah who are currently hiding behind women and children.


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