Wednesday, April 28, 2004

US: Pranksters fined for fooling Fidel
File under: Headlines I wish I'd written.

Two Miami radio journalists were fined $5,463 dollars for broadcasting a phone conversation that fooled Cuban President Fidel Castro into believing he was talking with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Joe Ferrero and Enrique Santos, of Spanish-language radio station "El Zol" called the fine absurd and promised to pay a whopping bag of pennies to the Federal Communications Commission in Washington.

The FCC cited a requirement that persons be informed if their telephone conversations are to be broadcast.

In June, the pair, who host a humour show, managed to fake Chavez's voice and were put through to Castro, who maintained a conversation with the phone-y Chavez, a political ally, for 25 minutes, before the Miami-based radio host doing the voice said, "So -- you agree that your island is in deep s__t?

The article goes into considerably more detail regarding Castro's Hobo-mouthed reaction.

My 'scientifical' conclusion?
After a careful cheerful cost-benefit analysis of the positive transactional values accrued after being charged $5,463 by your government for 25 minutes of communist dictator fun - heard by thousands?



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