Thursday, April 08, 2004

Vzla: Information minister lied, Defense minister let him lie

In the wake of the resignation of the Information Minister, Jesse Chacon, the affair of the soldier that died from his fire injuries at Fort Mara, is far from over. To begin with the opposition through its spokesperson has dismissed the resignation as a cover up since "we all know that he will get an embassy" as a clear reference on how embassy assignation has become a way to place ex-ministers instead of articulating a real foreign policy.

But this was not strong enough. Liliana Hernandez stressed that Jesse Chacon is only the fall guy since on the infamous "Alo, Presidente" of last Sunday, the defense minister, Garcia Carneiro, was in attendance. This is doubly significant because;

1) he is the one that is responsible for ANY information that comes from the army barracks to reach the president or the press, and not the resigned Mr. Chacon, and

2) why did he not say anything that Sunday? Ignorance? Deception? At any rate it should be the defense minister that should be picking up an available embassy instead of Mr. Chacon.
Read the rest. The buck stops wherever the hell it wants to stop.


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