Monday, May 31, 2004

Gya: Coked up snapper

The interception of a large amount of cocaine stuffed into frozen grey snappers provides law enforcement officers with a meaty opportunity to help unravel the knotty threads of the drug insurgency.

To what extent local drug enforcement agencies are trusted by their overseas counterparts and are therefore involved in joint operations is unclear. There have been suggestions in law enforcement circles that high profile shipments of cocaine in timber and rice and another involving a former national cyclist were allowed to leave the country with the full knowledge of local agencies so that the importers or the consignees could be nabbed by foreign law enforcers such as the US DEA and Scotland Yard. There is much doubt about this as our interception agencies have had little success in tapping the roots of the trade and prosecuting its high-profile participants. Moreover, the recent successes scored in the US against traffickers between the Timehri and Kennedy airports and the indictments handed down seem to be built exclusively around efforts by US lawmen. Which is why the netting of the grey snappers at Timehri seems to be based more on local intelligence and alertness rather than any joint effort with an overseas agency, otherwise the cocaine-stuffed fish would have been allowed to reach its destination so that its importers could be identified and prosecuted.


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