Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Cairo, Egypt - Islamists Kidnap Christian Girl to Force Conversion

Rape is a power crime that uses sex as its weapon. As we have read, rape is presently being used as genocide in the Sudan in order to make "light babies." All through history, rape has been used in this way. There are many instances of trying to overcome an ethnic group by "breeding them out of existence," as one fourteen-century English king said about his northern enemies, the Scots. But in this case,rape is being used to force religious conversion as it has been many times over the centuries.
The victim, a seventeen-year-old girl has been abuducted again. During her last abudction she was drugged, sexually abused, and mutilated: a tatoo of a cross was removed from her hand, in order to force conversion to Islam. Her abductor claims to "be her husband," all though, under Egyptian law, she can't legally marry until the age of 21 without parental permission. Local Muslim leaders have put pressure on police to support the abuduction.
The girl's family has been threatened and their car sustained a crash so that they could not return her to their home after she was given over to them. They were forced to take refuge again at the police station. "Unfortunately, the forced convesion of young Christian girls in Egypt is a recurring theme."
Other time-honored methods of intimidation and forced marriage and conversion go on. Girls are raped and marriage is the "honorable" conclusion of a rape "for which no one is charged."
The Barnabas Organization believes that they abductors will require her to convert when she reaches the age of eighteen. Many young girls are put in this same position. It is difficult to resist.
This fate also befalls boys.Although this article does not specifically state that boys are raped during abduction, rape of young boys does happen in some Muslim areas. In this case, the youth was taken to a madrassa where he was beaten. He was trained with guns and grenades to fight. Apparently he, too, converted, and told a judge that he "would only come home if his mother also converted." The judge refused to allow her to speak again to her son before he was sent to Kashmir to spread Islam. However, he did get a quick reprieve before the trip, at which time he told his mother the wole story.
If this story isn't enough, consider the plight of Cecilia John Holland, 27,a southern Sudanese Christian that was given 40 lashes for ' "standing near a gardeen at night" and not wearing a scarf on her head.' The government insisted that all Sudanese citizens "residing in Khartoum would be under Islamic law." She had been displaced by the 21-year civil war, but "not even a non-Muslim" was excempt from the Islamic dress code.
Rape and torture are the stuff of Islam as mandated in the Koran. It behooves us to make sure that the creeping Islamization of our culture does not bring us to this.


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