Sunday, June 27, 2004

Key West-Rasta Festival On This Island

On a lighter note. "Familiar Bob Marley lyrics" on Whitehead Street, yesterday, Saturday. "Is this love, is this love, is this the love that I'm feelin?" The second day of the fifth annual African-American Heritage Festivalin Key West that has been growing each year according to festival administrator, Melissa Wallace. Anyone with the courage to sing was invited to stand on the stage and perform "…as long as they keep it clean…"

It was hot, but the huge grills where "jerk chicked sizzled on sticks, tended by gray-haired men in sweat-soaked T-shirts and worn baseball caps" were the hottest items around, eliciting the appreciation of revelers that came back for the "nice time" and the food, and to peruse the booth offerings, listen to the day-long litany of music, and to look for African-inspired artwork, all to sounds of the legendary "dreadlock Rasta."

And then the famous Key West sunset called it a day.


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