Thursday, July 08, 2004

Babalu: Calling out Profiteering Fidelistas

Val Prieto of Bablu Blog has fisked the donkey-crap out of an e-mail he recieved from one "Mr. Herman" who claims to represent a group called Cuba Friendship Exchange. Mr. Herman's group proports to "spend as much time experiencing and working to understand the Cuban reality as possible. Grappling with the complexities of the Cuban social and political system provides plenty of food for thought." for what they call "youth diplomacy".

No doubt Cuba Exchange is a slick page with a slick liberal message (proof reeder deprived tho it iz is) geared towards promoting Cuba trips for students "Grades: 10-12".

A teacher's wet dream frankly...Only there is one small fly in the marxist ointment Mr. Herman's leeeetle Cuba Exchange is "A project of Interlocken, the Global Citizens Circle and the Cuban Ministry of Education".

In other words, just below the teddybear surface lurks a propaganda vehicle that chases the Yanqui dollar (4995 of them at a pop to be exact), and works to indoctrinate American youth in Castrophilia - thirty at a time.

How can I possbly come to that reactionary conclusion on such paltry evidence from the front page of their website you ask?

Well despite drawing upon what I know about the nature of the Castro regime, let's let Mr. Herman state his case: "Apparently you'd be surprised what some of the teenagers that our group meets thinks about their country and our country. You may think that Cuba is currently a terrible place under Castro (this may be true), I think that our country (USA) is a terrible place under our war monger president. At least Castro is only killing innocents in his own country. Bush is killing innocents here and abroad."

Read the whole star-spangled smackdown and catch a whiff of some vintage Soviet rhetoric disguising itself in a liberal veil.


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