Thursday, July 08, 2004

TT: TT's answer to Rush Limbaugh

Morgan Job is on form. Check out his Message for Tobago. It reads more like a rant, but if that is what is necessary, all well and good.

Tobago must abandon the Luddite mindset masquerading as 2020 vision. That dangerous midden of obsolete ideas imprisons youth in envy. Sinister racist impulses nurtured in that labasse of Peronist ideas refuses to focus on the consequences of telling the ghetto for decades: “PNM made you 98 per cent literate.” Listen to the result on talk shows, or look in the prison.

Calypsonian propagandists preach can’t each year: “Dem Syrian bring in... Poor black boy cyar import gun. Rich man gettin’ richer; de black man gettin’ poorer. Poverty is h-e-l-l. African take back we culchur” (something distinct from culture?).

Calypso propagandists are ignorant: that the rich owe nothing to the poor. Syrian wealth reflects Levantine culture, not exploitation of “Africans.” That analytical mindset imprisons children needing freedom from fascist lies or racist ideas.

Shallow intellectuals make careers talking about inequality while living parasitically off the poor: political fleas. The scandal of black poverty is the black leadership who exploited illiteracy. Afros believed the greatest boon since slavery was PNM education and their enemy is Indian or businessmen.

The truth: poverty is the ineluctable consequence of a destructive education system in synergy with a “We care” policy and anti-business culture. They create the ghetto and make poverty the most valuable political asset in the bank of black political entrepreneurs!

Conmen want equality in wealth. They mean equality in misery. Nobody’s rights can be infringed by promoting equality before the law.

We benefit from European liberalism in the sense of Isaiah Berlin, the 20th century opposition to communism or the socialist destruction of the capitalist economy. Read the Road to Serfdom by Hayeck, Nobel laureate.


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