Thursday, July 08, 2004

Cuba - Castro Helping the Iranian Mullahs?

To block participation in the world-wide demonstration against repression of Iran by the "hated Mullahs," satellite dishes and receivers have been confiscated throughout the country. Cuba is reportedly helping the repression. Surprise, surprise!
Also militiamen who pour into people’s homes by force are confiscating Satellite dishes and receivers around the country. Rumor's of a deal made by the regime with the Castro’s government in order to jam, once again, radio and TV programming by opposition or Iranian services broadcast from abroad into Iran is running rampant. Kamal Kharazi, IRI foreign minister who spent last week in Cuba was assigned to deliver this request to the Cuban authorities that organized that same level of interference during last year’s June/July demonstrations. This favor is of course repaid by promises of big economic incentives helping Castro's regime.

Read "All Eyes on Iran"


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