Monday, July 12, 2004

Cuba: Gobar happens!

HAVANA, July 8 (Ernesto Roque / - Residents of Guaicanamar, just outside Jaruco and south of the city of Havana, say they are concerned about the proliferation of overflowing septic tanks in the area, since the last such situation two years ago was followed by an outbreak of hepatitis.

Resident Neobel Castellanos said the current problem dates back two months, and sanitary authorities have not been able to address it.

The local delegate of the Popular Power has only stated that the problem has been brought to the attention of higher authorities.

Communist Party second secretary Alexis López said the matter "is priority number one of the the local Party committee," explaining that there is only one high-pressure truck available and that it has been occupied in Havana. López said the situation would be addressed by next Monday.

According to Jorge Luis Aspiolea, of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, in Havana alone there are 136,000 septic tanks that demand resources for their cleaning.


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