Monday, July 12, 2004

U.S.: Ya-hoo!!!!

I can blog again. Man, I've not seen the blog since Thursday night or so!

I've been working flat out since Friday to finish a website. It's 100% done -- with more material to come.

Took me two stinkin' days to do some lousy image-maps using CSS -- all because of that crock of browser crap, IE. That is the most non-compliant browser on the market. Truly. Imagine trying to align an image-map link when IE has a think 10px higher than Safari, Camino, etc. Anyway, I'm going to catch a few zzzzs and get back to blogging in the AM.

Here's hoping the client is happy. Wish I could toss the link out there for feedback since the site's on the remote server.

Night ... if anybody's still out there.

Laisser rouler les bon temps!


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