Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mexico - Hollow Apology Offered for interrupting Soldier's Funeral

U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza sent a blistering diplomatic note Tuesday regarding the disrespect shown at a funeral for Lance Cp. Juan Lopez who had migrated to the U.S. from Mexico and was killed west of Baghdad on June 21. The reason rings hollow:

The Mexican soldiers took issue with non-working, ceremonial rifles carried by two Marines who traveled from the United States for the ceremony, but Garza said the Marines had worked everything out beforehand.… But, the secretary said, Mexico's soldiers "had an obligation" to ensure the law wasn't being violated.

This amazing quote is more astounding when considering the disregard that the Mexican government has for U.S. law. One example of their disregard for U.S. law: Mexican officials are attempting to meddle in U.S. politics by insisting the Mexican Counselar I.D. cards be used so that Mexican citizens can obtain a valid U.S. driving license. Complaining about mock rifles is absurd especially as the U.S. Honor Guard had sought and received permission in advance.

Perhaps they are upset that so many of their citizens feel the need to migrate to the United States.
An improvement of the standard of living for Mexican citizens would solve the problem that the U.S. has with the millions of Mexican illegals that are here today. The U.S. is not holding back the Mexican economy. The fault lies elsewhere.


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