Friday, July 09, 2004

Cuba - Human Rights Activist Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Being Starved in Cuban Jail

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has published a litter from Dr. Biscet on its website, which was apparantly smuggged out of prison.

"Since June 17 I haven't had any food brought to me, practically forcing me to be on a hunger strike. No one has given me an explanation for this, not even the prison director," he was quoted as writing in the letter.

"I am praying to God so that his situation is resolved in the best manner possible. I ask you, my mother and my friends to read Psalm 11. I have the spiritual sustenance and the strength that God provides to all those who love him in justice and truth," he wrote.

Dr. Biscet,a pro-life activist and medical doctor opposing abortion and the death penalty, is among at least 70 dissidents accused of acts against the government. Many of them have been arrested to "cripple a quickly-growing grass roots pro-democracy and human-ights movement that has gained international attention and support."

There is disagreement over whether his condition is self-inflicted. Of course the Cuban government has its poit of view…

Read the rest. You decide.


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