Friday, July 09, 2004

U.S. Coby Foots Collegr Bills for Top Grads

Cosby puts his money where his mouth is by funding the education of three black college students that are demonstrating that being disadvantaged is no excuse for failure.
Kudos for Cosby and the college kids!
More troubling is a recent report about the decline of reading in this country. In the report, the "culprit" is the visual media: tilm, television, and the internet.
"We have a lot of functionally literate people who are no longer engaged readers," Gioia said in an interview with The Associated Press. "This isn't a case of `Johnny Can't Read,' but `Johnny Won't Read."'

It's not that most people aren't able to read as much as they don't want to. The shift away from reading is greatest among 18 t0 24 year olds.
The consequences of illiteracy for any culture are always significant. Ignorance always leads to poverty and corrupt governments can use ignorance of the population as the reason why the population needs to be controlled. The Constitution of the United States can not be protected by citizens that can neither read nor understand it, nor can they redress the government for legislative grievances that can't be read.
The "dumbing down of America" has been noted and charted. Is it a fluke or is by design?
We need more people like Cosby to inspire our young people to excellence. Maybe we should put a bug in his ear about reading!


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