Friday, July 02, 2004

TT - Oops. Oil Spill. The Perils of the Petroleum Industry

More than 200 barrel, about 8,400 gallons (32,000 liters) of oil spilled onto the ground in an isolated area neear Point Fortin in S.W. Trinidad on Wednesday. Although the site is gaurded and identification is required to enter, it "is believed that someone sneaked in and opened the tank." Petrotrin, the state-owned oil company leases it to Venture Producted Ltd. for drilling.

This is not the first spill for the company In November, 245 barrels, or 10,300 gallons (39,000 liters) spilled off the southwest coast when a pump malfunctioned on an offshore oil platform. Oil is to important to TT, which is the largest gas and oil producer in the Caribbean, relies on the industry for more than a quarter of its gross domestic product. If the "insurgents "in the Middle East have their way, we will need every precious drop produced here in the West.


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