Friday, July 02, 2004

Mexico Mayor Publishes His Story in Comic Book Form

The mayor Mexico City is the lastest comic strip hero, a "heaven-bound figure besieged by snakes, sharkes, and dark-hooded politicians in a new comic book put out by his administration: "The Dark Forces Against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador." This is Obrador's attempt to fight off what is described as "a plot" by federal officials and other prominent figures to undermine him before the 2006 presidential election. Officials are putting out 2.2 million copies for distribution to the city's 9 million people.

Now why would would Mexico, a country overrun with corruption and "la mordida," bribes, feel the need to take such action. Could it be because of the "widely broadcast videotapess of colleagues stuffing money into their briefcases and pockets and criticsim of his reluctance to obey two court orders involving land disputes?"

Comic books are widely read in Mexico, and other politicians have used the medium to get out their message. Even President Vicente Fox put out "Buidling the Future," which portrays his view of his achievements.

The mayor story is being told in a series, the third of which is the most lurid. The cover portrays a hooded, shark-like figure "threatening a group of clean-cut citizens," …representing the "dark forces of society …those that lie to us, rob us, fool us, and only work for their own advantage."

I wonder why the 250,000 people partcipated in an anti-crime march on Sunday. Could it be that they were "trying to hurt him" and "have been swayed by biased new media coverage?"

He doesn't recognize the "mote in his eye," or perhaps he thinks that Mexico's citizens are naive enough to believe his comic-book tripe. I hope not. I laughed when I read of the mayor's characterization of "the dark forces of society." After all, comics are supposed to be humorous…aren't they?


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