Saturday, July 03, 2004

TT: So who was investigating what and where they from?

WERE there more than than just four foreign forensic investigators who assisted the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau during their investigations into allegations of fraud relating to the Piarco Airport New Terminal project?

This was the question asked by defence attorneys Thursday as the preliminary enquiry against former finance and tourism minister Brian Kuei Tung and others entered its 22nd day before Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls, in the Port of Spain Fourth (A) Magistrate's Court.

The defence said that while the four names, Robert Lindquist, Haans Marschdorf, Rodney Stamler and Raimundo Lopez-Lima Levi, had been disclosed by the State on Wednesday, they still wanted to know if there were any other foreign experts who participated in the investigation.

They also want the names of all the foreign firms which were involved in the investigations.

Lead prosecutor Gilbert Peterson SC said he needed to investigate to find out which foreign experts participated in the investigation resulting in the present charges, and the experts will be contacted to see which documents they handled since some of them participated in separate investigations.

He said there must be a distinction between the foreign experts who dealt with documents and those who assisted in the investigations.


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