Monday, July 05, 2004

U.S.: Islamic anti-Americanism overrides education and common sense

The US Centers for Disease Control and the Agency for International Development are major funders of the global [polio] eradication effort, giving $120 million in 2003; in Nigeria, the two agencies gave about $7 million.

Some Muslim leaders said that the US funding makes them suspicious, and a minority still believe the vaccine is unsafe.

Datti Ahmed, a Muslim physician who is president of Nigeria's Supreme Council for Sharia Law, said in an interview in his courtyard in Kano that he doubts the validity of independent tests on the vaccine, which were examined by WHO, a university lab in Lagos, and by a Muslim pathologist, Abdulmumini Hassan Rafindadi, in three laboratories in northern Nigeria.

"A lot of money is being spent by interested parties to make sure they got the results they want," he said.

He also believed a US motivation existed to promote infertility drugs. "Just look at the Internet," Ahmed said. "There's strong proof that the US government, dating back to 35 years ago, with Kissinger and Nixon, believed that population is the most important factor for US hegemony in the world. Since they cannot rapidly increase the US population, the only way for them to dominate is to depopulate the Third World. This is the motive, as far as we are concerned."

Asked Sheik Muhammed, the chief imam at Waje Central Mosque: "How do you deal with an enemy? Muslims, we hate America. Everything is aggravated now. How can we trust this nation, especially when it helps buy the polio vaccine and then puts drops of the vaccine into our children's mouths?"
When a physician talks like a total, ignorant, and unscientific fool, what hope can there be for common sense in the umma?

Exactly so.

So what are we left with? This: let their children sicken and die or live as paralytics. Will that make Nigerian Muslims feel they have beaten the U.S.?


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