Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ja: Rude bwoy without balls gives Seaga a rude farewell

So Edward Seaga has at long last announced his resignation from the leadership of the JLP. This is good politics as it should settle the leadership question in the JLP long before the PNP settles theirs. Whatever good things he has done, and there are many, history might be unkind to him for wasting the JLP's time for the last 15 years in its attempts to win power. Had he pulled out by the end of 1989, the PNP might well have been a one-term government. There would have been no Gang-of-Five, Highway Eleven or National Democratic Movement.

Had Seaga resigned in 1989, many would remember the building of Tivoli Gardens complex. They would also remember his work in developing symbols and other important things in newly-independent Jamaica in the 1960s.
It's an interesting lesson in Jamaica's political history.


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