Saturday, July 03, 2004

TT: We want to use Fat Boy's lies to support our anti-U.S. positions

WE EXPECT that the Trinidad and Tobago public will soon have the opportunity of seeing Farenheit 9-11, the documentary film made by Michael Moore which won the top prize at the recent Cannes Film Festival and is now breaking box office records in the United States. We hope the documentary will shortly be showing in TT cinemas not simply because of the international acclaim it has received as a work of cinematic journalism but, more relevant to this newspaper, because it serves in a dramatic way to support and justify all that we have had to say about the absurdity of the Bush administration and their illegal pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. For one thing, Moore’s film contains extensive footage of the suffering and carnage which the Bush blitz inflicted on the Iraqi people and their country, scenes of destruction which the American media, covering the “war,” deliberately and purposely ignored.

Thanks to this courageous Canadian film-maker, the US population is for the first time being confronted with a graphic record of what their bombs and soldiers did to Iraq in the execution of a fraudulent and unprovoked war.
It was always our view that the end of eliminating Saddam Hussein — who, in fact, presented no threat to the US or any other country — could never justify the means which resulted in the death and mutilation of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens and the wholesale demolition of the country.
Now, if the editorialist of the nitwit rag Newsday can't get Fat Boy's nationality and citizenship right, can they get anything else right? For their edification, America-hating Fat Boy was born in Davison, a suburb of Flint, Michigan, U.S.

I wonder what third-former writes editorials for Newsday?


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