Saturday, July 03, 2004

TT: Opposition opposes its own police bill


The Government’s controversial package of police reform legislation failed in the Lower House at 2.30 am yesterday, even as the Prime Minister signalled his intention to revert to “Plan B” and try new approaches if the Opposition did not support the bills.

Government’s three-week campaign to obtain passage of the bills came up with zero yesterday after three days of parliamentary debate on the bills.

The contentious Constitution Amendment Bill was blanked by the Opposition UNC, and failed to secure the requisite two-thirds majority vote for its passage.

Government had 18 voting members in the House, while the Opposition had 15.

As a result, the Government did not proceed with voting on the other two bills after that bill was defeated.

The Constitution Amendment Bill went through all the necessary stages, with the Opposition holding firm against it all the way.

It reached as far as the committee stage, where clauses are discussed and passed, due to Government’s 18-vote majority.


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