Monday, July 19, 2004

U.S.: Annie Jacobsen's article, part two

Terror in the Skies Again? Pt. 2.

If terrorists attack us using airplanes as bombs again, I shall hold President George W. Bush directly responsible and not vote for him this November. He is the one who hired Mineta to head Transportation. He is the one who can demand that Mineta set aside his ridiculous and politically incorrect screening policy according to which nuns and five year old kids are screened but not Mid-Easterners. If Norm Mineta cannot get past the internment of Japanese in WWII and deal with the genuine threat that Mid-Easterners represent, then he ought not to be in so sensitive an office in this century.

The buck stops at President Bush, and if he is serious about fighting terrorism, then he must realize that the fight begins right here at home and act accordingly. President Bush could signal his seriousness to combat terror at hom if he would fire Mineta and replace him with Rudy Giuliani.

As much as I have regard for President Bush, I will have no problem turning from him if he allows political correctness to trump national security.


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